About the company

The company "ANMART" Sp. Sensible Ślusarek and Company was founded in 1992 as a locksmith company - craft operating on the local market.

Currently we provide services in metal forming and machining of metals and elements are made for the construction industry and engineering. Fixed investment in equipment allows us to continuously expand the range of services and made products.

Business Owners ANMART from the very beginning the company was formed have laid great emphasis on the development and training of employees, so that the company currently employs approximately 80 highly qualified and experienced professionals in the lead, which they stand, and managers of engineers with years of experience.

The quality and timeliness of services and manufactured products certainly can provide long-term and fruitful cooperation with Fakro, which are created for such various types of fittings for roof windows.

The company's success is based on the use of innovative technologies with the use of modern equipment and good organization of work by our crew.

Our experience has allowed to gain confidence and the establishment of long-term cooperation with Polish companies and foreign companies.


We need both the serial production and how a single detail.


Since 2008 we have ISO 9001 quality certificate in respect of: Executions in metal forming and machining of metals.


We are confident that can meet your demands, for professional and individual approach to the needs of our customers. We invite you to cooperation.