Quality Policy

Our company has many years experience in plastic processing and machining of metals. It employs highly skilled workers who can professionally and efficiently use the available systems and equipment in the company.
By establishing and setting clear goals and strategies of the company (according
with PN-EN ISO 9001), we aim to consistently implement and realize our mission.
Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of all groups interested in our activities, by:

  • individual and professional approach to customer
  • To maintain a reliable partner opinion, fair and credible,
  • providing the highest quality products in line with customer expectations and higher-maganiami legal
  • continuous improvement of our products and services and the quality management system
  • provision of timely, high quality and without defects,
  • limit the number of complaints received,
  • continuous improvement of qualifications and skills of our employees, both pro-dukcyjnych and office, developing in them a sense of responsibility for the quality of products,
  • by investing to expand technical support and equip our company with modern equipment and facilities,
  • improve and strengthen the current position in the market.

We want to provide our customers with products and services that are performed using the latest technologies, meet high quality standards, so that as much as possible to meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers.